Are you a progressive thinker?  Do you believe in strengthening community connectivity?  Let’s chat to make you a step closer towards embracing the experience of being a guest speaker on The Couch Outloud®. Believe it or not, your very own stories and experiences can make such a difference to others’ lives and perceptions.  So if you have something to share or a topic that you would like to hear more about, let us know.​


Fun, laughter and creative connections could all be coming your way! We are looking at giving exposure to some of the more amazing venues and cultural spaces on the Gold Coast.  The Couch Outloud® is an opportunity to introduce some incredible locals and visitors to your venue where they can soak up the atmosphere and the energy that your space offers. 

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Be a part of a unique incentive for the Gold Coast that has the potential to expand and cultivate into other communities.  Collaborate with The Couch Outloud® to promote social connectivity and strengthen cultural objectives towards achieving a visionary and progressive community. Step into your community to raise awareness and motivate others to build strong and effective community relationships – you don’t even need to download an app for that!