with Love Match Dating Game

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Date: Friday 8 February 2019

Topic:  Sex, intimacy & relationships


Venue: Pacific SLSC, 1291 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach


Are up for meeting the potential love of your life in person with the support of friends AND
a live audience, whilst having fun, we want to hear from you!  

Are you ready to connect in real life with real people?  Be entertained, inspired and have fun? 

The Couch Outloud® live talk show is for you!


The Love Couch it all about understanding sex, intimacy and sensuality and how it can take our emotional and spiritual well-being to a whole new level. This can then move our relationships organically to levels of respect and
understanding. Our guest sexperts and relationship ushers will be taking us on a pilgrimage of self-

Love Match Dating Game
Love is like a tennis match, we banter back and forth and hopefully we score.
Everybody has the capacity to love and every single person is worth loving. Love is the fabric that is
woven into our hearts and minds. It is the intricate material of the soul.
We have four contestants who are looking to blend their fabric with someone else! They have come
to the right place.