“Great venue.  Well organised.  A well-executed collaborative success.  All guests were inspiring.  Awesome night out. Great concept.”



“Our city’s cultural scene is in good hands!”



“The Couch Oultoud is an entertaining, insightful show.  A must see for all."



 “Well done host. A great initiative on the Gold Coast.”


“Topical conversations, interesting guests and an enormous dose of good humour combine to make the night one you’ll remember for a long time to come.”



"They're not just shows. A night with The Couch Outloud is social, it's inspiring, it's collaborative, and it's community. 


“For me, The Couch Outloud experience has been all about meeting very interesting people and having some very meaningful conversations. I also love the different theme that every session of The Couch Outloud has and how well put together it is. The sessions have been informative like the one on social media as well as heart touching with the happiness one where everyone shared stories of what happiness means for them and how they've come out of difficult days. I am definitely happy to be a part of the The Couch Outloud movement.” 


I was absolutely honoured to have been a part of a previous The Couch Outloud show, thank you so much for having me!

After the ‘Feel Good’ show I definitely felt good! It was a wonderful night filled with such inspiring and uplifting individuals I think it was collectively a really wonderful show and I left feeling as if I could and should really follow my passion in life - creating art.

I have gained new friendships from the show and made quite a few connections with other guest speakers from the show. The show definitely builds relationships amongst both speakers and listeners.

Being a part of the show made me more confident in trusting in myself to follow my passion for art and to try and make that my future.

I believe that The Couch Outloud show is an important part of the Gold Coast community as it can be extremely difficult to find a mixture of people who are willing to not only share their advice and stories - but help to inspire and uplift others. The Couch Outloud makes that part easy. The guests were all fascinating and I learnt a lot about so many different things. I usually am no good sitting in on speeches, but I found the show so energetic and interesting and I was totally engaged the whole time.

The Couch Outloud team is wonderful too!!

I take my hat off to you Michelle and what you are doing and I cannot thank you enough for letting me be a part of The Couch Outloud movement!! Thank you so much again!


The Couch Outloud left me feeling more self-empowered, inspired and uplifted and I definitely felt pumped after the night.  I shared topics of conversations with others after the show and formed collaborations with others who attended.  I am excited about being a part of The Couch Outloud movement.


I was a guest speaker on The Couch Outloud and it was great to meet the whole gang from The Couch Outloud.  I made some really good contacts.  It was great obviously to get my message out there a little bit as well.  I think it is a great thing for the community and for small business owners to get their message out there.  Also to bring a bit of value to the community about different information they may not be exposed to without The Couch Outloud. Thanks guys, you are awesome.


What could I possibly say about The Couch Outloud?? It is such a wonderful movement. So often in life we are stuck communicating electronically and existing within the same social circles for years on end, but the Couch Outloud changes all of that! It's so great to meet people from all walks of life, hear their stories and learn about all sorts of topics in such a fun and welcoming community. I have so enjoyed attending events, speaking at them and also meeting the love of my life on one! You could say The Couch Outloud is definitely changing my life. Well done to all the team involved. I can't wait to continue being a part of the fun and seeing what comes next.


Being a part of The Couch Outloud opened my eyes to a movement of passionate and creative people right here on the Gold Coast, who are getting out there, following their curiosities and making a difference. The community is infectious - in a good way! - and inspires me to keep getting a message out there that matters. I've also made new friendships and beautiful new business contacts. Thank you Michelle and team for bringing this movement to life!


Love your work Michelle! Elliena, Shane and I value your friendship deeply and are always so grateful for your support in all that we strive to achieve. Bottom line is that YOU'RE AWESOME and the work that you do helping to connect people with a sense of community is priceless and something to be commended for. Keep up the great work!


I had the privilege of returning to St Hilda’s School with total legendary guest speakers and host.to chat to the Year 12 students about life after school, self-empowerment and all things girl power.  Thanks to Michelle and her community movement The Couch Outloud, we are able to share our own personal journeys with the girls, focus on empowerment and create some homegrown inspiration and of course finish with some fierce dance moves.  Thank you Michelle for creating these inspiring events and bringing our community together.  I’m so excited for more Couch projects in the future and can’t wait to see what next year holds for The Couch Outloud and the Gold Coast Community.


I’ve been to a few of these events now and each one is filled with the same dynamic and engaging energy!!  I have felt welcomed from the moment I’ve entered each venue.  I’ve had an amazingly fun time AND I’ve learnt new things at each one!  Highly recommend these events and this crew of awesome humans.


The Couch Outloud is such a great show! You are so awesome Michelle for creating such a wonderful space for GC locals!️


The Couch Outloud is next level when it comes to fabulousness! You’re an amazing and inspiring lady Michelle.


You’re an amazing woman Michelle!  The community is so lucky to have such a big heart in it “ xx